CrisisSuite is an online application enabling organizations to successfully manage information during a crisis.

CrisisSuite is easy to operate and makes your crisis organization more effective.

  • Dashboard showing crisis information

  • More efficient and faster logging

  • Easy action planning

  • Access to plans and task cards


Distinguishing facts from assumptions

Automatic date/time recording system

Assignment of actions to the people in charge

Recording attendance of crisis team members

Sharing of the log

Attaching files (pictures for instance)

Log information in several meetings at the same time

Recording of all alterations

Crisis organization

CrisisSuite enables you to set up your own crisis organization fast and conveniently and is integrable with all modules to make the most of the application.

  • Combining individuals, disciplines and teams

  • Quick access to contact details

  • User rights may be set per module

Plans & Task Cards

CrisisSuite gives you access to your crisis- and continuity plans, anytime and anywhere.

Besides, (sectional) plans and task cards may be assigned to individuals, disciplines and teams, showing the information immediately on the dashboard.


Below are the measures we have taken to secure your information and CrisisSuite’s continuity.


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