Call & alarm

Als ieder moment telt…

In a crisis, you need people. The right people. Without losing time. CrisisSuite’s Alerting module helps you to achieve this.

With the Alerting Module:

Call exactly those colleagues you need, easy and fast.

Find out immediately which colleagues are available.

Check a real-time attendance list.

Calls are made by SMS, telephone, e-mail or the CrisisSuite App. When employees don’t answer the call or reply in the negative, the system automatically calls extra employees, until the desired number has been reached.

Alarm radius

The module alerts people, based on scenarios you have detailed in advance, or based on the location of the crisis. In case of the last mentioned, the system identifies which employees can be on-site fastest based on address details, and alerts them automatically.

This ensures that the right people show up in the right places.

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