All-in-one crisis software

Crisis! And now what?

You have made every effort to prevent a crisis. You have developed plans in case a crisis does occur. Staff have been educated and trained. And then it happens. The organisation is under pressure. The situation is changing from minute to minute. It’s one thing after another. It’s crisis.

Throughout your organisation, people are trying hard to limit the consequences. How do you stay informed? And how do you adequately alert and inform those concerned? How do you keep track of decisions and actions?

CrisisSuite helps you to prepare for a crisis

During the preparatory phase you can implement your crisis plans and business continuity plans in CrisisSuite. You can store your crisis organisation, including contacts, and group people in disciplines and/or teams. This ensures that all parties concerned can quickly be mobilised and that they have access to the plans anytime and anywhere, enabling them to do the right thing.

CrisisSuite helps you to respond adequately to a crisis

In CrisisSuite, logging during the course of a crisis is fast, easy and efficient. It is easy to record and share information about the crisis and decision-making. Actions can be linked to those responsible. And people performing actions can log their activities. This ensures that all parties involved will have an up-to-date overview of the situation and you can verify whether the actions have been carried out at a glance.

CrisisSuite provides valuable information to evaluate and conclude a crisis.

All information logged in CrisisSuite, is recorded and can be accessed in the archives. So even after the crisis, all information necessary to evaluate the course of the crisis and essential when dealing with any claims or matters of insurance, is available.

CrisisSuite is easy to use and reliable

• CrisisSuite is an online application, it can be used anywhere, anytime. Even when your own systems are out of order.
• When using the CrisisSuite App you have all necessary information at hand.
• CrisisSuite is used on a regular basis amongst businesses, national and local authorities, in health care and during festivals.
• CrisisSuite is ISO 27001 certified.

By using CrisisSuite:

Your crisis organisation is clear at a glance
You can alert (large) groups of people by SMS, telephone, e-mail or the CrisisSuite App
Crisis plans and business continuity plans are always available to all concerned parties
Logging is quick and efficient
It is easy to start actions and monitor their course
Sharing situation reports with your own organisation or third parties involved, is easy
You will have all information, necessary for evaluation at hand
The CrisisSuite App is available for all mobile devices

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