Social Media Trainer

Do you provide training in the field of crisis management and crisis communication? Would you like to train participants realistically and safely, with pressure from the outside world and teach them to make good use of social media? Then use Merlin’s Social Media Trainer (SMT).

Social Media Trainer

The Social Media Trainer helps you to turn every crisis exercise into a realistic exercise by bringing participants face to face with (social) media messages in a private environment. By using the SMT, the participants in the training make an environmental analysis, reply to messages and can share messages themselves. All this is done in a private environment. The following (news) sources are available in the SMT:
• News: NOS, Nu.NL, CNN, Telegraaf and Geen Stijl
• Social Media: Twitter and Facebook
• Local media: Can be adjusted in look & feel to a local media outlet
• Internet and intranet page of your organisation

Adjustments on-the-fly

You, as a trainer, prepare messages in advance or post them during the exercise. Messages shared by the team show up real- time. This enables you to adjust the direction of the exercise as you see fit.


After the training, you can create a report containing all messages, at the press of the button.

Interested in our Social Media Trainer?