CrisisSuite at Hamburg NBS Security Forum

Geplaatst op 09 Mar 2020

On 27 February 2020, Merlin, at the invitation of Professor André Röhl, visited the Security Forum organized by the Northern Business School (NBS) in Hamburg, Germany. The Forum was attended by over 90 delegates from various organizations in the field of security and safety.

In the morning, Ruud van den Beukel and René de Jong gave a demonstration of CrisisSuite to alumni of the NBS Security Management course. Professor Röhl: “The alumni and students had the chance to get some insights in CrisisSuite. I think we all agreed on how easy it was to understand the solution and how simple it might be to use it. We also had an interesting discussion about future prospects of using such software for supporting crisis management. What strikes me the most, is how efficient CrisisSuite supports a structured decision making process and focused information management. It is not complicated to use, so it is suitable for beginners as well as experienced crisis teams. Back in the days it would have definitely saved me some time, especially in preparing situation reports.”

In the afternoon Merlin gave a presentation about information management. Ruud and René demonstrated how an organization can effectively manage information during a crisis when using a decision-making model supported by software, such as CrisisSuite. In addition, they explained how organizations can prepare their information management so that the right people do the right things at the right time. Professor Röhl: “In Germany the topic of organizational risk and crisis management has grown in importance over the last years. In my opinion, the level of maturity concerning crisis management is quite different in German organizations. For me the structuring of the decision-making process is one of the most important things in crisis management. That’s why I wanted to give the audience of our forum the chance to get to know the ideas of Merlin on this topic. I assume that being experienced security managers themselves, our participants were interested in the effective support of the information management by a software solution.”

Afterwards an interesting discusg discussion followed on how easy it would be to implement a tool like CrisisSuite in an organization. We really enjoyed this, and all the other interactions we had, and we would like to thank Professor Röhl again for the invitation.